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   This site is here to help teens with Addison's Disease gain more information about their medical conditions and learn new techniques to deal with them.


This site includes:


  • Basic information about Addison's Disease
  • Frequently asked questions
  • A comprehensive page links page where many different external pages about Addison's Disease can be found
  • My own blog about the difficulties and techniques of dealing with Addison's

If you or a loved one is a teen with Addison's Disease, then this page is for you!


Addisonians & Swine Flu

Unlike the common cold, influenza is a serious disease that can result in severe complications, such as pneumonia, and even death.
Just like regular yearly influenza, swine flu can have major effects on all people with chronic diseases. Those of us with Adrenal insufficiency may require stress dosing if we contract the flu.
If you have any symptoms of influenza; such as high fever, body aches, and coughing, contact your doctor immediately.
Prevention is key - wash your hands frequently with soap and water and carry sanitizing handwipes or cleanser. Also, avoid people who seem sick.




This site has been put together by a High School student.  I am not a Doctor, and I can not offer medical advice of any sort. What I am providing here is information only.
Anything you read here is the product of a HS student, and should not be used as the basis for any medical decisions.
Addison's Disease is not something to fool around with.  Always consult your Doctor for any medical or treatment information concerning Addison's Disease or related conditions.





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